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Dec 13, 2022, 08:31 AM by Temposonics
Cary, N.C. – Temposoncis, an Amphenol (NYSE: APH) company, announces the launch of the LL-Series featuring the LLE and LLH liquid level transmitters for level measurement in general purpose and sanitary applications.

The LL-Series joins the existing LP-Series as product lines targeted towards level measurement with the LL-Series focused on general applications whereas the LP-Series is focused on hazardous areas.  There is minimal crossover between the two product lines with the LL-Series having a high speed update rate, compact design, and protocols for machine automation.

 "The LL-Series is a strategic expansion by Temposonics to gain a broader footprint in the level transmitter market place as we are able to offer the benefits of our industrial position sensors in a package design for level applications,” explained Lee Aiken, Global Market Segment Leader Liquid Level. “Level measurement is dominated by historical requirements from the process industries whereas Temposonics is bringing unique features such as fast update rates measured in milliseconds from our board product development in motion control. These speeds cannot be matched by standard level sensors. ”

The Level Plus LLE satisfies the demand for an accurate and robust liquid level transmitter for general purpose applications. The LLE can provide product level and/or interface level in a compact mechanical design. The LLE can also be ordered with an optional temperature measurement of a straight RTD output. There is no requirement for scheduled maintenance or recalibration for the expected 10 year life of the sensor. The LLE liquid level transmitter can be mounted on most tanks offering NPT and RF flanged connections from 3/4 to 4 inches. The LLE also offers a variety of outputs including analog, CANbus, SSI, and IO-Link. Included in the model number is the selection of float, cable, and stop collar options. The single model offers everything needed for level measurement in a variety of general purpose applications.


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