TempoGate® Smart Assistant

For installation in cabinets - for the R-Series V

The TempoGate® smart assistant supports the integration of the sensor into the application. It operates as smart assistant between the sensor and the user providing following information for diagnosing the sensor:

  • Current parameter settings such as the resolution and the measurement direction
  • Internal sensor temperature
  • Total operating hours
  • Distance traveled by the position magnets
  • Sensor information such as the order code and serial number

The TempoGate® smart assistant is designed for the permanent integration into control cabinets and supports all R-Series V sensors with smart diagnostics and operating statistics. Up to 24 R-Series V sensors with digital output (EtherCAT®, EtherNet/IP™, POWERLINK, PROFINET and SSI) or, soon, up to 12 R-Series V analog sensors can be connected to the smart assistant. Once connected via power supply, the sensors and the assistant can communicate bidirectional. Via the integrated OPC UA server, this data can also be transmitted to other devices via OPC UA during operation. This allows the user to monitor additional sensor parameters and combine this information with other machine status data. In addition, the data can be tranfered via LAN or Wi-Fi to a graphical user interface on the smartphone, tablet or computer The Temposonics® R-Series V position sensors, in conjunction with the TempoGate®, provide the operator with detailed information to improve machine performance, optimize maintenance cycles and detect problems early to increase machine operating availability.

 Data Sheet (552110 Rev A)

 Operation Manual (552087 Rev A)

 TempoGate® Firmware 1.5.26