Temposonics Technology


The absolute, linear position sensors provided by Temposonics rely on the company's proprietary Temposonics magnetostrictive technology, which can determine position with a high level of precision and robustness.

Each Temposonics position sensor consists of a ferromagnetic waveguide, a position magnet, a strain pulse converter and supporting electronics. The magnet, connected to the object in motion in the application generates a magnetic field at its location on the waveguide. A short current pulse is applied to the waveguide. This creates a momentary radial magnetic field and torsional strain on the waveguide. The momentary interaction of the magnetic fields releases a torsional strain pulse that propagates the length of the waveguide. When the ultrasonic wave reaches the end of the waveguide it is converted into an electrical signal. Since the speed of the ultrasonic wave in the waveguide is precisely known, the time required to receive the return signal can be converted into a linear position measurement with both high accuracy and repeatability.

The Temposonics technology, based on magnetostriction, does not rely on moving parts and is not exposed to mechanical stress. Therefore, the sensors exhibit considerably longer lifespans and much higher reliability when compared to other technologies, even in harsh working conditions. Furthermore, since the output from sensors with Temposonics technology corresponds to an absolute position, rather than a relative value, it is not required to recalibrate sensors.