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Jul 15, 2020, 00:00 AM by Temposonics
The Temposonics® Follower Housing accessory offers a quick and easy sensor solution for many otherwise difficult applications. It eliminates the need for gun drilling and prepping a hydraulic cylinder, or the need to design a complex mechanical connection. The solution consists of a rod-and-cylinder package with an externally threaded sensor and an extension rod that tracks the motion.

There are many possible applications for this accessory, including installations adjacent to actuators or hydraulic cylinders, replacement of LVDTs, pressure feed rollers and blade positioning in wood mills, material transfer systems, high temperature ovens and furnaces, and pressing and molding machines. In some cases, it can also provide for better sensor placement for quick and convenient installation and servicing.

Benefits of the Follower Housing Accessory include its cost-effective design for tracking linear motion, robust stainless-steel housing, no oil leakage, and high temperature (150 °C). With various options available, the Follower Housing Accessory works with all standard Temposonics thread-in rod style sensors. For mounting on top of hydraulic cylinders there are easy to use mounting clamps available. It supports standard ASME trunnion mounting and pivot blocks. In addition, the optional bellows provides protection in harsh applications having dirt and debris.

“This new housing accessory continues the Temposonics tradition of designing products to help customers,” explains Matt Hankinson, Global Market Segment Leader at Temposonics. “By expanding the mounting options for a linear position sensor, the advantages of Temposonics technology can benefit a larger range of applications.”


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